Monday, August 15, 2011

pjs in the shower, why not?

He is who he is... Cooper is so damn awesome! I mean that, I really really mean that. He keeps me on my toes, brings a smile to my face all the time and leaves me scratching my head, picking my jaw up off the floor and laughing deep belly laughs multiple times a day. Is he really my kid? I have to pitch myself most days. Seriously he cannot get any cooler... and then he goes and does! Lucky me!

This particular video he managed his way into the shower with his pj's on. I was running the shower water to get it warm when Cohen called for me to help him in the toilet room (yes we have a room in our bathroom with just a toilet) and then when I came out this is what I found...

Friday, August 12, 2011


Thanks to my friend Melanie we have something that proves we indeed are a family. We NEVER take a family photography, I mean NEVER. I was starting to worry that the boys would look back and Cooper's first year and wonder if we were ever all together for anything. We literally took about 15 minutes with Melanie... not by choice rather that is all Cohen would give us. The poor kid just doesn't get that the world doesn't revolve around him. Unfortunately it appears our family photos do for now.

Cooper turns 1 on Wednesday and I hope to have his one year photos and snaps from his big day to share with you in a timely matter seeing that I never even did a post for Cohen's third birthday back in May. Do I even have any blog followers anymore? For more photos click HERE.

Monday, August 1, 2011


We tried for his 11 month portraits today. He would not sit still so we put him on a stool which turned him into a real sourpuss. So most of our shots turned out like this one. However, if you go HERE you will see a rare moment... one that I LOVE so that you Jeremy for picking up the camera and snapping a few. I cannot share the rest because they are part of Cooper's 1st birthday invite.

We have been busy here... trying to beat the heat, stay caught up with work and house. The boys are starting to really play together which is so fun to watch. We say it all the time... Cohen has to toughen up because Cooper already is tougher than he is. Cooper dominates Cohen... steals toys, food, whatever else Cohen has and Cohen being the nice big brother doesn't want to hurt him so he puts up a modest fight to say the least. I hear a lot of "Cooper stole from me", "Coop's pulling my hair", "He hit me"... Start the protein shakes Cohen, Coop's only going to get bigger and tougher. After all he is the scrappy younger brother and he is a bit of a red head to boot.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lovin Him Sleepy Style

If you have just one child and think that you don't want to have another shame on you... you are doing that first born a disservice! There is nothing better than a sibling. I should know, I have two and I love both of them just about as much, if not more than Cooper apparently loves Cohen.

Cooper loves his brother like something fierce, even when sleeping. I found Cooper loving on Cohen today while Cohen was DEEP into a nap. Seriously... Cooper loves Cohen like I never imaged and I never imaged loving to watch it and be a part of it like I do!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

11 month mark

I took these two photos yesterday when I was cleaning up the studio and preping for the week to come. Cooper turned 11 months today so I though I would post his pj shot and a shot of him throwing a cupcake (its fake don't worry). Look at his form though. I say it now... he will be just as good if not better a ball player than his overly obsessed big brother!

Anyway, Coop turned 11 months today. What I want to remember about you (cooper( right now...

Your laugh. There is nothing better. You laughs all the time, sometimes over nothing. Your laugh makes me laugh but most of all it makes me smile and feel warm. You is so happy and its so settling for me to know that he is such a happy guy.

You love to drag things... purses, blankets, buckets, totes, toys, anything with a string, handle, or tale. He is dragging it. And he kind of walks funny while he does it and usually does it while yelling out.

That you say "Hi dad", "Hey", "Koda" (only when he sees her), "dad", "got it" . He says "hi dad" ALL the time. A little "hi mom" would be nice.

I love that when I yell for Cohen, Koda, or Jeremy from across the house you follow suit and yells for them just after me.

That you empty out the drawer full of plastic bowls and cups in the kitchen a hundred times a day

That you started to hate to shower and love the bath. I hate baths so you aren't as clean as you once were. Sorry about that! Like showers again and that will change.

Love that you love being outside and in the sun and pool.

That you play great solo

That you love your brother, kind of obsess over what he is doing, hug him a lot, and even jump on him

I love that you still love to jump on the bed with Cohen just before bed time

That you are obsessed with iPads, iPhones and computers... technology geek you are.

That you love to hug. You hug ALL the time

That you walk really well and take your bumps and bruises like a champ. As a matter of fact you took a header off the stool in the below pic just a few minutes after I snapped that shot and today Cohen hit you in the head with a metal bat. Thats right metal. You have him to blame for any learning disability that you may have in the future. You simply cry for a few seconds and then your off again. Your tough, not a complainer.

I want to also remember your temper... you have one, its quick, nasty and short lived but you are fiery! (just like me)

Lastly, that you sleep so well. You have always been a great sleeper. To bed awake with a bottle and you never fuss. However you are an early riser... 6:30am but I leave you hanging until 7am and you are pretty cool with that most days.

What I want you to know...

I love you with a calmness that has never been in my life before. You ground me, make me grateful to be a mom. You really are very little trouble! I mean that. If I were guaranteed to have another babe with the demeanor that you have been blessed with I would pop that babe out tomorrow but since babies do not come with guarantees... your it. I am quitting while on top, ending on a great note, closing with the best.

Now I know Cohen will read this and think my mom hated me. Not so much, actually the opposite. I love you, Cohen, like something fierce! Your just 3, you whine, you hit, you kick and you back talk. You stay up until 10 even though your in bed at 8:30 and you tell me what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a matter of fact you try to tell me what I am going to eat. You tell me to listen up, get you this, get you that, you forget to say please and thank you, you eat crackers in my bed and leave crumbs behind as a matter of fact you come to bed with me at some point nearly every night. So if you would just get out of my bed with your body and crumbs, say please and thank you, stop hitting, whining and back talking than I too will write a post about all the wonderful things about you but for now this is Cooper's moment in the sun.

So Coop, happy 11 month birthday. I cannot wait until one. I loved you as a baby, it was so easy I do not really have memories of it, if that makes sense. It was uneventful... just you being you. Easy as pie, doing everything well ahead of time, and taking it easy on me. I cannot help but think you were sent here to make my life easier... you just are spectacular. Your joyful heart, gorgeous eyes, charming smile coupled by your laugh, and mischievous ways make me want to freeze you. As tempting as that is you are a terrible flyer right now (its true he is the worst, screams the entire plane ride) so I will let you grow and then consider freezing you and at next perfect age!

(kinda looks like a bad school pic)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July... long over due

We have been enjoy fun in the sun. I have been catching up on work and in between trying to spend as much time with my guys as possible. Cooper turns 11 months on Sunday. Tears... one more month until one. He has been walking since 9.5 months. He is a nut. Super busy, really quirky and mischievous... nothing like Cohen. Needless to say I have had to become a different parent this time around. Cohen was cautious and well Cooper is not! Its fun. Snaps above are from the 4th. I promise to do a photo recap of the last couple of months soon. Until then enjoy pictures from the 4th of July. We did it up southern block party style. Lots of food, grilling, kids, beer, and fire works oh and sun!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

seattle sessions

For more of the few Seattle sessions and wedding images I have been able to edit click HERE. Hope to blog and share photos of our most recent trip to Seattle soon. I still have 3 more sessions to edit and post on the blog so check back for more.

Our trip comes to an end tomorrow. Cohen will say his goodbyes to Grammie Kate tomorrow, as well as to Gramma and Grumpa. We hate to go. Its always hard. Cooper will leave Seattle with his walkin shoes on. He is not crawling at all anymore. He also leaves here a better napper... no swing sleep! He was perfect the entire time of course because he is just so damn easy. Easy going with everything... and boy is he happy, happy, happy and busy, busy, busy! Cohen had a blast with G. Kate, Auntie Linda and Uncle Tony as well as a day where Aunt Patty joined in. He was able to see his best gal Isabel and other mother Kelly and visit with some of my gal pals. He was even able to see his Auntie M's after her 6 week European work adventures. Cohen and Cooper got to spend Monday with their M's. Of course they also had plenty of Uncle T time as well. Cooper however seemed to be sleeping a lot when T would stop by. (his visits were often after 9pm). Cohen also was able to visit with his Aunt Kathie as well. He just loves her... He also had a first. His first day alone with Auntie Linda. Lots of fun and now we pack up and jump a plane for NW Arkansas where the sun actually shines. Wish us all luck... a 10 month old and a 3 year old flying for 7 hours... Luck will not be what I need :)